Poetic and Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament

REL 310

InterNet Links for Week 1
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English Poetry

Hebrew Poetry


Humorous Poetry for your amusement and edification :

The Worst Poetry in the English Language for your amusement and edification :

Other Links

  • Beware of the Wikipedia. Although most articles are generally good, anyone can write, edit, or alter the articles, and there is no record of who has authored or edited them. Anyone - including you - can register with Wikipedia and write whatever you wish in an article - and it will be displayed until someone else chooses to change it. So you may use Wikipedia to get general information and a lead to other sources, but you should not use it as a primary source for your work
  • Be careful out there. There are some very good sites on the InterNet. There are also some very strange ones. Anyone can write anything and put it up as a webpage. One of the aims of this course is to develop your skills in thinking critically about what you read.


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