REL 464 - The Inter-Testamental Era

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Week 13 - The Roman Emperors

Be careful when trolling the InterNet - there are some very strange sites out there. There are also many very good informative ones. As part of this course, I hope you will develop the ability to distinguish a good factual presentation from one which is merely someone's opinion and personal agenda.
Also, be very careful to cite your sources, and try to put things into your own words, rather than just copy and paste from a web page.
There are some general resources on this site, which may be of use :

Geography Pages
History Pages
Old Testament Notes

One can use Key Topics and Phrases as search words or strings in Search Engines such as MSN, Dogpile, AltaVista or Yahoo

Useful Links to get you started

History Page

The Roman Emperors Site : Index Page || Augustus || Tiberius || Caligula || Claudius || Nero || Vespasian || Titus || Domitian || Nerva || Trajan || Hadrian

The Roman Empire Site : Index Page || Augustus || Tiberius || Caligula || Claudius || Nero || Vespasian || Titus || Domitian || Nerva || Trajan || Hadrian || The Five Good Emperors

UNRV Roman Empire Site : Map of the Roman Empire || Augustus || The Early Empire || The Principate || The Imperial Dynasty || Augustus and the Legions || The Pax Romana (Roman Peace) || Augustus and the Empire || Tiberius || Pontius Pilate || Tiberius - final years || Caligula || Caligula the Mad || Assassination of Caligula || Claudius || Claudius part 2 || Claudius part 3 || Death of Claudius || Nero || Nero and the Christians || Death of Nero || The Year of the Four Emperors || Vespasian || The Flavian Dynasty || Vespasian and the stability of the Empire || Titus || The Jewish Wars || Domitian || Domitian's Administration || Domitian's Reign of Terror || The Five Good Emperors || Nerva || Trajan || Hadrian || The Praetorian Guard || Judaea

V-Roma : Index Page || Augustus and Tiberius || Caligula

Eyewitness to History : Nero and the burning of Rome || Nero persecutes the Christians

Other Sites :
Roman Emperors - Use the links for information on each Emperor
Roman Empire
Roman Empire - page of links to articles about Rome
Augustus and the Emperors
The Arch of Titus commemorates his conquest of Israel
Arch of Titus
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall - click on the photos to see larger images
Vindolanda - reconstruction of a Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall

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