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General sites
New/other Religions - U. Calgary site
Cults - Quartz Hill School of Theology

Christadelphians - Philtar site

Eckankar - Religion of the Light and Sound of God
Eckankar - Virginia Commonwealth University
Eckankar - Religious Tolerance site

ISKON site
ISKON - Philtar site
ISKON - Religion Facts site
Hare Krishna and ISKON - Religious Tolerance site
ISKON - Virginia Commonwealth University

New Age
New Age - Philtar site

Scientology main website
Scientology and Dianetics information
"Going Clear" - documentary on Scientology
Response to "Going Clear"
Scientology - Virginia Commonwealth University
Scientology - Religious Tolerance site

The New Church - Swedenborgian
The Heavenly Doctrines of Swedenborg
Swedenborgianism - Philtar site
Swedenborg Foundation

Ascension Research Center - The Ascension Research Center is an independent student effort to explore some of the teachings released by the Ascended Masters and their Messengers over the last 121 years, through the Theosophical Society, the I AM Activity, the Bridge to Freedom (1952-1961), The Summit Lighthouse and the Church Universal and Triumphant
Theosophy Library Online
Theosophy Library Online
Blavatsky Net- use links at left-hand of Web Page to access parts of the site
Who Was Madame Blavatsky - Blavatsky Net
Theosophy - Eastern Perspective - Philtar site
Theosophy - Western Perspective - Philtar site
Theosophy - Sacred Texts Site
The Theosophical Society - use links at left-hand of Web Page to access parts of the site
The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky - Introduction
Theosophy - Theosophy site - Page of Links to articles on Theosophy
Theosophical Publications - Theosophy site - Page of Links
Theosophical Manuals - Theosophy site - Page of Links
The Secret Doctrine - Theosophy site - Page of Links
Theosophical perspectives on world spiritual traditions - Theosophy site

Unification Church
Unification Church - Virginia Commonwealth University

Smaller Groups
There are many smaller religious groups. Some of them are quite difficult to classify, as they tend to be eclectic (taking ideas and practices from several religions). Some of the main influences tend to be : Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, paganism, magic, UFO cults, science fiction
At one time the University of Virginia had a great "Religious Movements" site with information on several hundred groups. However, the organizer of the site died, and the site was hacked. It is still available in an archived form at
That url will get one into the directory of files for the site, and from there one just has to troll through the site and pick out whatever files one wants.
The faculty of the Virginia Commonwealth University are building a new site, and putting up other pages, at

Group pages on the Virginia Commonwealth University site :
Adidam :: Aetherius Society :: Ammachi :: Ananda Marga :: Association for Research and Enlightenment :: Aum Shinriko :: Branch Davidians part 1 :: Branch Davidians part 2 :: Chen Tao :: Church Universal and Triumphant :: Course in Miracles :: Discordianism :: Elan Vital :: Falun Gong :: The Family International (Children of God) :: Father Divine :: Feng Shui :: Growing in Grace :: Gurdjieff :: Happy, Healthy, Holy - 3HO :: Heaven's Gate :: Holy Order of MANS :: Integral Yoga :: Jesus Army :: Jesus People USA :: Kopimism :: League for Spiritual Discovery :: Lifespring :: Local Church :: Mexican-US Catholic Apostolic Traditional Church - Iglesia Apostolica Catolica Tradicional-Estados Unidos :: Movement for the Restoration of the Twelve Commandments of God :: MSIA - Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness :: Nation of Yaweh :: Order of the Solar Temple :: Osho :: Peoples' Temple :: Phoenix Goddess Temple :: The Process Church of the Final Judgment :: Raelians :: Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - This one's in Roswell :: Redeemed Christian Church of God :: Santa Muerte :: Sathya Sai Baba :: Self-Realizarion Fellowship :: Silva Method :: Soka Gakkai :: Sri Chinmoy :: Sukyo Mahikari :: Suma Ching Hai :: Synanon :: Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation :: TM - Transcendental Meditation :: The Twelve Tribes :: Unarius :: UDV - Uniao do Vegetal :: Universal Life Church - this one "ordains" anyone over the InterNet. They used to do it for free - now they charge money :: Urantia Brotherhood :: Vedanta - Ramakrishna Order of the Vedanta Society :: The Way International ::

Be careful when trolling the InterNet - there are some very strange sites out there. There are also many very good informative ones.
I hope that my students will develop the ability to distinguish a good factual presentation from one which is merely someone's opinion and personal agenda.
When writing, be very careful to cite your sources, and try to put things into your own words, rather than just copy and paste from a web page.

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