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Note on Wikipedia : I do not use Wikipedia as a source, as the text can be altered at any time by anyone, and may or may not be accurate. However, the following articles are well illustrated. Use them to see the pictures, and check out the sources cited at the bottom of their pages. DO NOT use the text of the articles as a primary source of material.
Shinto - Wikipedia
Amaterasu - Wikipedia
Japanese Mythology - Wikipedia
Komainu - Wikipedia
Encyclopedia of Shinto
Komainu : Guardians of the Shrine
Shinto Index Page - Philtar site - follow links for information
Shinto - Philtar site
Shinto Sects - Philtar site
Shinto Shrines - Philtar site
Shinbutsu Bunri - Philtar site
State Shinto - Philtar site
Tenrikyo Shinto - Philtar site
Konkokyo Shinto - Philtar site
Kurozumikyo Shinto - Philtar site
Nara Buddhism - Philtar site
Shingon and Tendai Buddhism - Philtar site
Pure Land Buddhism - Philtar site
Zen Buddhism - Philtar site
Nichiren Buddhism - Philtar site
Soka Gakkai - Philtar site
Rissho Kosei Kai - Philtar site
Mahikari - Philtar site
Agonshu - Philtar site
Aum Shinrikyo - Philtar site
Shinto - BBC site - follow the links at the left side to access various topics
Visit a Shinto shrine - BBC site
Kakure Kirishitan
Tea and Christianity
Zen Buddhism Virtual Library
Shinto - Japan Guide site
Shinto Shrines - Japan Guide site
Mount Fuji - Japan Guide site
Photos of Shinto Shrines
Recent Studies on New Japanese Religions
Shinto Shrine Guide
Shinto - Religious Tolerance site
Shinto - Sacred Texts site
The Ainu - Sacred Texts site

International Shinto Foundation
What is Shinto? -
History of Zen in China
Soka Gakkai - VCU site
Sukyo Mahikari - VCU site

Be careful when trolling the InterNet - there are some very strange sites out there. There are also many very good informative ones.
I hope that my students will develop the ability to distinguish a good factual presentation from one which is merely someone's opinion and personal agenda.
When writing, be very careful to cite your sources, and try to put things into your own words, rather than just copy and paste from a web page.

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