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Anglican and Episcopalian Sites

The Official Home Page of the Episcopal Church, USA
The Episcopal Church, USA
The Red Book
Anglican Communion
The Church of England
The Archbishop of Canterbury
Acts 29
Alpha (UK)
Alpha (N. America)
The American Anglican Council
AABS : The Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars
Anglican Bibliophile
Anglican Cyberparish of St. Sam
Anglican Cycle of Prayer
Anglican Digest
Anglican-Episcopal World Online
Anglican Essentials, Canada
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Anglicans Online
Anglican Prayer Network
Anglican Timeline
Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains
Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew
The Brotherhood of St. Gregory
Canon Law Homepage
The Church Army (USA)
The Church Periodical Club
Classical Anglican Net News
The Community of Celebration
Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament
Cursillo (Episcopalian)
Cursillo (Roman Catholic)
Cursillos in New Mexico
The Daughters of the King
Engaged Encounter
Episco.com Bookstore
The Episcopal Church Foundation
ECW : Episcopal Church Women
Episcopal Communicators
Episcopal Life
Episcopal Marriage Encounter
Episcopal Network for Evangelism
ERM : Episcopal Renewal Ministries
ESMHE : Episcopal Society for Ministry in Higher Education
Episcopal Synod of America - articles
Episcopalians United
Episcopal Welcome Links
Episcopal Youth Resources
EFAC : Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion, USA
Faith Alive
Fellowship of Scientists
Forward Day by Day
Forward in Faith
Forward Movement Publications
GFS : The Girls' Friendly Society (USA)
The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church
i-church - Online Church with a Web Pastor
The Living Church
Marriage Encounter (Worldwide)
Marriage Encounter (National)
Marriage Encounter (Episcopal)
The National Altar Guild Association
NOEL : National Organization of Episcopalians for Life
The Order of St. Andrew
The Order of St. Luke
The Order of St. Vincent
Our Little Roses
The Prayer Book Society
The Prayer Book Society with links to 1662 BCP
Project Canterbury
St. Francis Academy
St. Jude's Ranch for Children
SEAD - Society for Ecumenical Anglican Doctrine
The Society for the Increase of the Ministry
The Society of Mary
Solo Flight
The Star Course
TESM : Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry
United Thank Offering
The Verger's Guild of the Episcopal Church
Young Episcopalian
St. Paul's, K Street
The Falls Church
Christ Church, Tacoma
Episcopal On-line Dictionary - Episcopalian Terminology
Terry Mattingly On Religion

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The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer - links to various versions
The BCP Online
1662 BCP
1549 and 1552 BCP compared
Prayers from the Church of England
Evening Prayer Rite One
The Daily Office, and Calendar of saints
Christian Biographies (in the Calendar)
The 39 Articles
The Canadian BCP
The 39 Articles, contemporary

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The Calendar

The Calendar - Episcopal Church version
The Calendar
The Calendar - a Catholic version
The Lectionary Page
The Lectionary Page
The Lectionary, using the Revised Common Version
The Lectionary, using the NRSV
Lectionary Texts for Reference and Reflection
Christian Resource Institute - Biblical and Lectionary Resources, the Church Calendar
Christian Resource Institute - Scripture passages - comments, sermons
A general Roman Calendar
Feastday List - Roman Catholic
Greek Orthodox Calendar
On-Line Calendar of Saints Days for mediaeval studies

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Other Denominations

Reformed Episcopal Church
The Charismatic Episcopal Church Home Page
CEC Information
About the CEC
About the CEC
Anglican Catholic Church
The Traditional Anglican Communion
The Episcopal Missionary Church
Orthodox Christian Page
Assemblies of God
Faith Christian Family Church

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Find a Church near You

Go here for a list of the Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of the Rio Grande
The Red Book
Episcopal Parish Finder
CPC Parish Finder
Christianity Net
Church Locator
Church Net UK
Church Online
Cross Search
Church Surf
Churches dot Net
Distinctive Church Collection
Houses of Worship
Net Ministries

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Bulletin Inserts
Scripture passages - comments, sermons
Sunday School Resources

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