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Julius Caesar

Caesar's Gallic Wars
Caesar's Commentary on the Gallic Wars
The Complete Works of Julius Caesar
Textkit - download "Caesar - Civil War" in Latin
Textkit - download "Caesar's Gallic War" - Commentary




Textkit - download "Cicero Select Orations"
Textkit - download "Ciceronis oratio in Catilinam
Textkit - download "Letters of Cicero"
Textkit - download "Catiline Orations of Cicero" - Commentary
Textkit - download extracts from Cicero


Textkit - download "Livy, Books I & II" with commentary
Textkit - download "Livy, Book XXI", with commentary


Textkit - download "Ovid's Metamorphoses" - Commentary
Textkit - download "Selections from Ovid" by Allen & Greenough

Pliny the Younger

Pliny part 1
Pliny part 2
Pliny part 3
Letters of Pliny - Latin and English


Textkit - download "Plutarch's Lives"


The Lives of the Twelve Caesars
Life of Nero


Textkit - download "The Phormio of Terence" by Fairclough and Richardson

Virgil - also see videos of recitations of the Aeneid, below

Textkit - download "The Aeneid" in Latin
Textkit - download "Georgics" Book IV, by Virgil

Mediaeval and Church Latin Texts

The Vulgate online
Corpus Thomisticum - works of Thomas Aquinas
Prudentius' Hymns, Latin and English
Bible Gateway - Biblia Sacra Vulgata - Search
Latin Hymns and songs
Dies Irae
Latin Mass with English
The Later Latin Society - texts, etc
Colloquies of Erasmus
Latin liturgy
ARTFL Project: Latin Vulgate Bible
Latin hymns
Latin texts
A Treasury of Latin Prayers
Latin Masses with audio files
Aesop's Fables in Latin
Jerome's Latin Vulgate
The Latin Library || The Latin Library - Medieval Latin
Latin Church texts
Roman Mass, Latin & English
Latin Documents at the Vatican - including the text of the Vulgate

Magna Carta

Magna Carta - Richard Thomson's 1829 translation of the Lincoln Cathedral manuscript
Magna Carta in detail
Magna Carta with commentary
Magna Carta - British Library modern translation
Roger of Wendover
Magna Carta text
Magna Carta
Magna Carta glossary
Magna Carter interactive site
Magna Carta bilingual
Magna Carta text

General sites

Latin Poems
Harry Potter in Latin
Lector Longinquus collection of Latin texts
Res gestae divi Augusti
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum - great collection of Latin texts
Bibliotheca Latina
Latin texts
The Latin Library
The Latin Library - Classics Page
The Latin Library - Medieval Latin
Links to Greek and Latin texts


Cicero - Speech against Catiline
The Aeneid
Intro to the Aeneid
TuTubus Latinus Latin lessons : (the reader has a marked British accent) || Start of the Aeneid (first of 10 videos) || Aeneid part 2 || Aeneid part 3 || Aeneid part 4 || Aeneid part 5 || Aeneid part 6 || Aeneid part 7 || Aeneid part 8 || Aeneid part 9 || Aeneid part 10

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