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Pompeii official site : Links to topics : Map and links to information on houses : The House of Caecilius Jucundus : The Forum : Roman Life : The Eruption of Vesuvius : Photo Gallery - Caecilius' House is called "Casa di Cecilio Giocondo" Click on thumbnails to see larger photos

Discovery Channel : Eyewitness to History Video - not quite correct : Would you have survived ?

Harcourt School pages : Map and information - Vesuvius, Pompeii : Eruption of Vesuvius : Pliny's Account - part 1 : Pliny's Account - part 2 : Pliny's Account - part 3 : Herculaneum : Pompeii map : Pompeii, House of the Faun - click on room names to read descriptions of rooms : Pompeii fresco : Pompeii fresco : Pompeii Cave Canem mosaic : Pompeii forum : Pompeii hot baths : Pompeii amphitheater : Pompeii today

Archaeology site : Visiting Pompeii : Interactive map of Pompeii : Vesuvius Explodes

BBC News site : Vesuvius Victims - instant death : Silver Dinner Ware found in Pompeii

Caecilius' House - dog mosaic : Pompeii interactive Map - click on numbered houses for information and photos. Caecilius' house is no. 26 : Caecilius' House
Pompeii flyover - click on one of the names at the bottom of the picture, to get a fly-over view
Pompeii photos
Pompeii in Pictures : Photos of Caecilius' House, including some of his wax writing tablets
Pompeii online net
Pompeii photos
Pompeii virtual tour

Maps of Pompeii

Interactive map of Pompeii
Pompeii Map
Map and information - Vesuvius, Pompeii
Pompeii map
Pompeii Map

NASA Photos

Vesuvius : The Bay of Naples and Vesuvius : The Bay of Naples and Vesuvius : The Bay of Naples and Vesuvius : Mt. Etna erupting : The Bay of Naples : Satellite map of Italy showing Rome-Pompeii region


KET - The Eruption of Vesuvius
NASA Vesuvius
NASA photo of the Bay of Naples
Vesuvius eruption
Vesuvius eruption
Bronze Age eruption of Vesuvius - National Geographic article



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