GR 201 - Beginning Greek

These Pages are provided primarily for students enrolled in the Beginning Greek Course, GR 201, given by Dr. Shirley Rollinson at Eastern New Mexico University - ENMU.

If you would like to get a start on learning Greek, even before the start of the semester, there is a Preparation Page with things to do to help you get ready for the Course.

Once you have registered and completed the enrollment for the Course you may proceed to the Course Pages and start work on the Course. You should check out the Resource Pages, as they contain material which will help you to get a good grade for the Course.




Online Textbook


Word Processing



NOTE - Occasionally I offer GR 201 as an online section in addition to the class-room-based section.
This is not a regularly-scheduled section, but may be given if there is a genuine need.
It is highly recommended that, if at all possible, students should take the class-room-based section. There will be more interaction with other students, mutual encouragement, help with pronunciation and reading, and immediate feed-back from the instructor.
The online section is intended for students who are taking online degrees and are resident out-of-state or otherwise unable to come to the Portales campus.
Participation in an online section will require a great deal of self-discipline, motivation, and hard work.
Admittance to this section requires instructor approval - students wishing to register for this section should contact Dr. Rollinson well ahead of the start of a Fall semester.
So that you see how much work an online section would entail, please check out the online assignments and homeworks below.

Weekly Assignments

Download Homework Sheets

If you have questions or would like to make comments, send e-mail to Dr. Rollinson at

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