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Altar Linens - Linens used during the Eucharist

  • The Altar Cloth or Fair Linen
  • - used during the Eucharist - is a cloth of fine linen that covers the top of the altar and hangs down at each end. It is placed over the cerecloth. It is embroidered only in white, with a cross in each corner and one in the centre, representing the five wounds of Christ, in His hands, His feet, and His side.
  • The Burse
  • - from the Greek "byrsa" meaning, "a bag". The burse is the folding case made from two squares of rigid material covered in cloth. The burse is placed on top of the chalice, paten and veil, and serves to hold a corporal and/or an extra purificator. The Burse and Veil should be in the color of the Season.
  • The Cerecloth
  • - from the Latin "cerum", wax - is a waxed cloth which was put directly rDr. f t th exany piec handsof rignsecetdnt Hoh w(regardnt s pthe alnteBley)r an exmeral"f- flice, patehe GreShirley's Resource P>